Zephyr IR for Intraoperative MRI

The Zephyr IR-A, Zephyr IR-S, and Zephyr IR-S for Philips MRI patient hoverboards are designed for intraoperative MRI neurosurgical procedures. Each hoverboard utilizes Diacor’s patented hover technology for patient transfer, enabling a safe and secure patient transfer while the patient’s head remains securely fixated in the skull clamp.

Zephyr IR for iMRI Series Highlights

  • Secure, reliable and safe mounting of MR conditional skull clamps from Black Forest, NORAS, and Mayfield
  • Patient security straps for securing the patient to the hoverboard
  • Patient cushion specifically designed for long surgical procedures to ensure comfort of patient
  • Patient cushion specifically designed for long interventional procedures to ensure patient comfort
  • Ability to transfer patients up to 204kg
  • Use of detachable MR tables or Zephyr MR Conditional Stretcher for transporting patients between the surgical suite and the imaging room

Zephyr IR-A

The Zephyr IR-A Articulating Skull Clamp Hoverboard can be positioned flat to allow transfers between the OR table and the transport stretcher, and then positioned in beach chair or other standard positions to meet surgical requirements.

Zephyr IR-S

The Zephyr IR-S Skull Clamp Hoverboard provides a single-segment hoverboard that supports a wide array of skull clamps including the Mayfield Integra, the Black Forest Medical Group DORO Lucent, and the NORAS Lucy.

Zephyr IR-S for Philips MRI

Diacor partnered with Philips Healthcare to design an intraoperative MRI patient hoverboard uniquely contoured to fit on the Philips Ingenia MR-RT configuration.

Zephyr IR for iMRI Products

Zephyr Patient Transport Stretchers

Zephyr Procedural and MR Conditional Stretchers are specifically designed for Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems.

Zephyr Blower and Hoses

The Zephyr Blowers and Hoses are designed specifically for the Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems, allowing ease of movement by providing airflow to the hoverboard.

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