Diacor Stirrups for Lithotomy Positioning in MR & CT Suites

Diacor offers a full line of patient stirrups for a wide variety of patient weights and BMI, as well as the world’s first full-functioning MR Conditional patient stirrup.  All of our stirrups provide unparalleled pelvic site access, larger boot sizing, and improved infection control.

Diacor Stirrups Highlights

  • Flexible lateral finned boots accommodate larger leg and ankle sizes (K-tek 250 Pediatric is non-finned)

  • Silicone closure straps make cleaning easier and eliminate hook and loop straps for improved infection control

  • Unique curved rod design provides 22° more lithotomy range of motion than traditional stirrups, providing an additional 3-4” (6-8 cm) of “real world” clinician working area. (K-tek 350, K-tek 500)

  • Soft, pressure-reducing padding encapsulates the boot to reduce nerve and fascia damage

  • Stirrup Cart available for easy storing of stirrups and clamps

MR-tek MR Conditional Stirrup

  • Diacor MR-tek stirrups are the world’s first stirrups designed specifically for MR as well as CT based procedures
  • MR Conditional up to 3T
  • Patient Weight Limit Capacity: 350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Stirrup Weight: 12.6 lbs / 5.7 kg each

K-tek 350 Standard Stirrup

  • Designed for a wide range of patient sizes
  • Designed for CT based procedures
  • Patient Weight Limit Capacity: 350 lbs / 159 kg
  • Stirrup Weight: 13.2 lbs / 6 kg each

K-tek 250 Pediatric Stirrup

  • Designed for pediatric or smaller adult sizes
  • CT based procedures
  • Patient Weight Limit: 250 lbs / 113 kg
  • Stirrup Weight: 10.2 lbs / 4.6 kg each

K-tek 500 Bariatric Stirrup

  • Designed for bariatric patients
  • CT based procedures
  • Patient Weight Limit: 500 lbs / 230 kg
  • Stirrup Weight: 14.6 lbs / 6.6 kg each

K-tek and MR-tek Stirrup Carts

Benefits of the Stirrup Cart

  • Easy to push/pull with ergonomic handles
  • Stirrups secured to prevent damage
  • Clamp storage compartment
  • Safely holds most stirrups
  • ​MR-tek branded cart is MR conditional for use in the MR suite

Zephyr HDR Products

Zephyr Patient Transport Stretchers

Zephyr Procedural and MR Conditional Stretchers are specifically designed for Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems.

Zephyr Blower and Hoses

The Zephyr Blowers and Hoses are designed specifically for the Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems, allowing ease of movement by providing airflow to the hoverboard.

Zephyr HDR Accessories

Diacor has a variety of accessories that allow you to customize the Zephyr HDR to improve patient comfort and safety.