Zephyr IR for Interventional Cardiovascular MRI

The Zephyr IR and Zephyr IR for Philips MR patient hoverboards are designed specifically for Interventional Cardiovascular MRI (iCMR) procedures. Each hoverboard utilizes Diacor’s patented hover technology for patient transfer, enabling a safe and secure patient transfer for integrating a Cath lab and MRI for cardiovascular interventions.

Zephyr IR for iCMR Series Highlights

  • Multi-modality as well as multi-vendor patient transfers
  • Use of detachable MR tables or Zephyr MR Conditional Stretcher for transporting patients between Cath lab and MRI imaging room
  • Patient security straps for securing the patient to the hoverboard
  • Patient cushion specifically designed for long interventional procedures to ensure patient comfort
  • Ability to transfer patients up to 204kg

Zephyr IR

The Zephyr IR patient transfer hoverboard is uniquely designed for cardiac procedures performed in Cath labs configured with biplanes, ensuring the highest level of imaging for both Angio and MRI.

Zephyr IR for Philips MR

Diacor has partnered with Philips Healthcare to provide a Zephyr IR patient transfer board uniquely designed to ensure compatibility with the Ingenia MR-RT couchtop. The Zephyr IR for Philips MR provides a patient transfer solution between Philips MR and Cath labs by a number of OEM’s.

Zephyr IR for iCMR Products

Zephyr Patient Transport Stretchers

Zephyr Procedural and MR Conditional Stretchers are specifically designed for Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems.

Zephyr Blower and Hoses

The Zephyr Blowers and Hoses are designed specifically for the Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems, allowing ease of movement by providing airflow to the hoverboard.

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