Zephyr External Beam (EB) Accessories

Diacor has a variety of accessories that allow you to customize the Zephyr EB to improve patient comfort and safety.

Head and Torso Coil Supports

The Head Coil Support is secured on the FTT when the Zephyr HP is positioned on the Siemens Skyra/Aera FTT (Siemens Skyra/Aera FTT Required).

The Coil Torso Supports (2) fit on both Zephyr XL and HP with any MR FTT.

Indexing Components

Zephyr Docking Kits provide reproducible registration of hoverboards between imaging and treatment table.

Indexing Bar with Varian indexing.

MR Flat Tops

The MR FTT Table Top provides a durable, light-weight FTT with outstanding imaging properties. Integrated “Over-Travel-Protection” stops provide positioning and safety security for patient transfers.

Zephyr EB Products

Zephyr Blower and Hoses

The Zephyr Blowers and Hoses are designed specifically for the Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems, allowing ease of movement by providing airflow to the hoverboard.

Zephyr Patient Transport Stretchers

Zephyr Procedural and MR Conditional Stretchers are specifically designed for Zephyr Patient Positioning and Transfer Systems.