Custom Lasers

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Custom Lasers

Custom designed for your needs

Our extensive knowledge and patient positioning experience in laser design enables Diacor to satisfy the unique laser needs and special requirements of our customers. Typical design time—from concept to prototype—is 45 days.


  • Get a custom design that meets the unique needs of your facility
  • Take advantage of Diacor's 25 years in laser design to ensure a quality product

Custom laser designs include:

  • Custom backpointer
  • Custom two-laser backpointer
  • Low-profile, custom line generator

Diacor Backpointer Lasers

Diacor offers a small red diode laser line generator that may be installed in a simulator or linear accelerator. The low-profile Backpointer is mounted to a supporting surface using two methods (mounting brackets are not included):

  • Use the slotted tabs on the laser assembly
  • Mount on a four-inch square mounting plate