About Diacor—A History of Innovation

Diacor was founded with a single goal: to make radiation therapy as safe and accurate as possible. This vision continues to guide and direct new product initiatives as we tackle new challenges. We constantly work with radiation therapists and oncologists to ensure we are aware of changing needs and evolving therapeutic approaches. Ultimately, we strive to:

  • Deliver radiation therapy products that work accurately and as expected—every time you use them
  • Conduct ongoing research and development to pinpoint needs and develop valuable solutions
  • Provide unparalleled sales and product support, today and tomorrow
  • Develop lasting distributor relationships that enable us to better serve our worldwide customer base


Since our founding in 1983, Diacor has become a trusted source for innovative products that meet the changing needs in radiation therapy settings

  • 2013 Zephyr® XL enhanced for MR Guided Radiation Therapy with GE MR Scanners, Lateral Transfer System for GE Diagnostic Imaging
  • 2012 Zephyr XL Patient Positioning and Transfer System, Australia TGA Certification, ANVISA Certification
  • 2011 MammoRx and Integra Product Families sold to Orfit Industries
  • 2010 Zephyr HDR Patient Positioning and Transfer System
  • 2007 Integra® Head and Neck Immobilization System
  • 2005 CT Overlays for CT's and PET/CT's
  • 2003 MammoRx® Carbon Fiber Breast Boards, ISO 13485 certification
  • 2000 Centralite® CT Moving Laser System
  • 1998 Centralite Green Diode Fixed Lasers, Diacor achieves ISO 9001, EN 46001 certifications
  • 1996 RadAssist®/CT Breast Board
  • 1994 Centralite Red Diode Fixed Lasers
  • 1993 RadAssist Bilateral Immobilization Board

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