Varian Exact Couch Insert

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Varian Exact Couch Insert

Provide solid table environment during radiation therapy treatment

The Varian Exact™ Couch Insert provides a solid, flat surface on the treatment table to match the patient's position during CT simulation.


  • Incorporates Varian Exact Technology and Indexed Immobilization Patient Positioning System along entire length of the insert
  • Designed for the Varian Exact™ table
  • Secured by horizontal and vertical pins provided by the Varian table
  • May be used as an insert to the Premium CT Overlay Flat Table
  • Carbon fiber construction with foam core provides durable, light-weight device with outstanding treatment properties

Technical Specifications

  • Weight 8.25 lbs. (3.74 kg)
  • Length 36.2 in (92 cm)
  • Width 20.87 in (53.0 cm)
  • Height 0.87 in (2.2 cm)