Premium CT Overlay Flat Table
Premium CT Overlay Flat TablePremium CT Overlay Flat TablePremium CT Overlay Flat TablePremium CT Overlay Flat Table
Premium CT Overlay Flat Table

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Premium CT Overlay Flat Table

Precisely reproduce treatment environment during CT simulation

The Diacor® CT Overlay enhances IMRT by taking patient positioning to an even higher level of precision. Because the carbon fiber CT Overlay accepts various types of treatment table and immobilization inserts, you can easily reproduce the treatment environment during CT simulation. Exact duplication of your CT SIM and treatment environments ensures proper patient alignment—improving therapist control and accuracy while enhancing patient care.


  • Accepts Varian Exact™ Couch treatment and immobilization inserts, ensuring accurate reproduction of the treatment environment
  • Works with MammoRxci breast board insert to lower patient position in relation to the CT bore, allowing higher positioning angles and increasing aperture space
  • Incorporates Varian Exact Technology and Indexed Immobilization Patient Positioning System along entire length of the overlay
  • Designed for GE LightSpeed™ and LightSpeed-compatible tables
  • Easily locks and unlocks from the table, providing easy transition between therapy and diagnostic procedures
  • Solid, flat surface overlay is available for environments not requiring insert capabilities